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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Clinton Dixon and Mike Haydon have just reopened the doors on their highly acclaimed Website Supremacy course.

When they initially offered the course several months ago, it was such a run away success they closed the doors to focus on their new customers and to ensure they we able to provide their students the proper attention.

With the doors no open again, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to learn from two truly great web designers.

I’ve had an opportunity to sit in on several mastermind sessions with Clinton and I can honestly say the information he provides is first rate.


Who Is Website Supremacy For?

  • New to Intermediate Web Designers
  • Businesses Looking to Create Their Own Websites
  • Marketers Focusing on Local Clients
  • Web Design Contractors
  • Agencies Specializing in Outsourced Web Design
  • Absolutely ANYONE Wanting to Improve Their Web Design Skills

I’ve been in the online marketing business for nearly a decade and I’ve seen lots of UGLY websites out there. Namely because people don’t realize that creating a great looking and engaging website doesn’t have to be like a trip to the dentist.

I’ve had an opportunity to look at Clinton and Mike’s work and that of some of their students and I can honestly say that these guys are the real deal. They’re offering a solid course that provides you the skill set that your clients are looking for.

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To help you get started with Clinton and Mike’s course, I have a couple of bonuses I want to throw in for you.

While Clinton and Mike teach you how to design sites for yourself and your clients, finding good graphics for your sites can often be a challenge.

To that end, I’m tossing in the following bonuses if you buy through my links.

Bonus #1


Elite Marketing Graphics is a professional graphics pack that’s designed specifically for marketers.

Bonus #2


Graphics Maniac is a really kick ass product. It contains over 300 graphic templates that you can use for your own projects or for your client projects.

Don’t forget, in order to get both of these bonuses, shoot me an email through the contact form here and include your purchase number and I’ll make sure to get these great graphics packs over to you.

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Brett Lewis from L4 Group sums up the ins and outs of Clinton and Mike’s course very nicely.

Customer Testamonials

If you’re still on the fence, think about this.

The closest competing product to Website Supremacy will cost you nearly $600 and only contains about half the video content that Clinton and Mike are providing. In addition, you won’t have any content on important topics like security or website speed. With Website Supremacy, you’ll get this and you’re getting the advantage of being show how to do it from guys who have been in the SEO arena for years, where these things can literally make or break a website.

The guys over at Website Supremacy have also just upped their offer. Not only are you getting a great course, but you’ll also be getting access to a library of website skins that Clinton and Mike have developed. Not only do you get the ones they have out today, but as they add more, you’ll gain access to them as well.

I have a couple of their skins that I’ve been using for my own projects a while now and I can tell they’re outstanding. If you bought their course and didn’t receive anything but the skins they’ve developed, you’d already have more in value that what you’re spending on the course. These guys understand proper website markup and the skins I use from them have this built in. No more looking all over the place for additional tools or plugins to get a website properly marked up the way Google wants to see them. And you’re getting this as a bonus.

I don’t know how long Clinton and Mike will keep their course open this time. The last time they opened it up, all spots were quickly sold out.

Don’t delay, if you’re even remotely interested in learning proper website design, you MUST pick this up.

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